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Seegerer, Stefan; Michaeli, Tilman; Romeike, Ralf
commit -m "Smerge – an easy-to-use version control system for Snap!"
Version control systems are essential for working in software projects. They allow for the coordination of teamwork and collaboration. They also provide features such as version history or branching. However, block-based languages such as Snap! lack an adequate equivalent. In this demo, we present „smerge“, a tool that provides just that for Snap!. The application is web-based and focuses on intuitiveness and ease of use. It offers many advantages for educational settings by providing features such as automatic branching, visualization of the project and its history in a graph, integration into existing workflows, and easy merging. While targeted at novices, it offers great opportunities for complex Snap!-projects. Experience how smerge can unleash its full potential in your projects and educational settings!
version control; education; classroom; block-based; programming; didactically adapted
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Blocks and Beyond Local Proceedings