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TUM University Bibliography

The university bibliography is an essential instrument for documenting and making visible the achievements of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in science and research. It lists all scientific papers published at the TUM. This includes all scientific publications which involve at least one TUM member.



The following applies to publications that are listed in the university bibliography:

  • Publication may have been in printed or in electronic form.
  • At least one of the participating authors must be a member of the TUM. The publication may also be after the author's or authors' employment at the TUM.
  • The publication refers to scientific work carried out by the author at the TUM.
  • The publication is verifiable.

The type of publication is one of the following:

  • Journal article
  • Conference paper
  • Conference proceedings
  • Book article
  • Book / Monograph
  • Research report

Disserations are already filed via the publication workflow for university theses and are automatically included in the directory of the university bibliography.

The quick guide is limited to the most important functions for importing data into the university bibliography. A more detailed presentation on the use of mediaTUM and the functions of the university bibliography can be found under:

If you have any questions about the university bibliography, please contact: