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TUM School of Medicine and Health


Through scientific research and teaching, the TUM School of Medicine and Health contributes to:

  • the definition of formative influencing factors of sustainable health and quality of life
  • the preservation of physical and mental health at all ages through evidence-based concepts
  • the decoding of basic disease mechanisms
  • the improvement of early and individual diagnosis of disease with the goal of prevention
  • the use of new technologies for research, prevention and treatment of diseases
  • the personalized prevention of diseases and their impact
  • the development and translation of innovative, preventive and curative interventions

Our goal is to consistently apply technological innovations from the foundational sciences in a biomedical context to decode disease mechanisms and develop new therapies with the expectation of a cure and transfer them to clinical application. We aim to not only better understand and treat human diseases, but also to prevent them and thereby maintain health. Our interventions therefore span a continuum from health promotion, personalized diagnostics and prevention to personalized, ideally curative, treatment approaches.


The TUM School of Medicine and Health improves the health of society through excellent research on the fundamentals, personalized prevention, and targeted diagnosis and treatment of human diseases in accordance with its guiding principle:

»Knowledge creates healing and maintains health«

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