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H. Boche, T. Kuhwald
Patent: Process for the control and dynamic adjustment of the directional characteristics of linear antenna arrays in the spatial separation of signals
In order to be able to estimate the separability of the participants depending on their position and the requirements of the participants for the quality of the connection and thus to enable the control of the directional characteristic and dynamic allocation of frequencies, a method is specified in which the directivity (D) is a criterion for the separability of participants is selected and determined according to the equation DOLLAR F1, where H (e jw) generally denotes the directional characteristic of a linear antenna array, for the formation of which the weighting factors wl for the individual signals are calculated in accordance with wl = DOLLAR F2 and at the same time that coefficient bk = b m + 1 for the calculation of the weighting factors, which was determined for the maximum of the directional characteristic in the direction of the useful signal, is used for the calculation of the directivity according to D = 1 / b m + 1. If the comparison of the calculated directivity (D) with a necessary minimum value of the directivity (D min), which is adapted to the required quality of the connection, shows that D
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