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Scherag, A., Dina, C., Hinney, A., Vatin, V., Scherag, S., Vogel, C.I.G., Müller, T.D., Grallert, H., Wichmann, H.-E., Balkau, B., Heude, B., Jarvelin, M.-R., Hartikainen, A.-L., Levy-Marchal, C., Weill, J., Delplanque, J., Körner, A., Kiess, W., Kovacs, P., Rayner, N.W., Prokopenko, I., McCarthy, M.I., Schäfer, H., Jarick, I., Boeing, H., Fisher, E., Reinehr, T., Heinrich, J., Rzehak, P., Berdel, D., Borte, M., Biebermann, H., Krude, H., Rosskopf, D., Rimmbach, C., Rief, W., Fromme, T., Klingen...    »
Two new loci for body-weight regulation identified in a joint analysis of genome-wide association studies for early-onset extreme obesity in French and German study groups 
Journal title:
PLoS Genetics 
Journal volume:
Journal issue:
cited By 175