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Nakrani, P.
Conceptual Framework of Construction Data Storage using Gaia-X Federation Services: Demonstration with Usecase of Project iECO
Digitalizing construction processes generates huge amount of data, which has great potential for society and the economy. If data is used for the optimization of the construction processes, it might contribute to sustainability. As a building's construction phase progresses, it generates different kinds of data for different processes. The owner stores this data and might share it with facility management (FM) service providers. The FM service provider might use this data for building operation and maintenance (O&M). Paper-based facility data transmission is slow and error-prone, and digital data transfer and storage are vulnerable to malpractice nowadays. Gaia-X ecosystem has been an emerging European data ecosystem since 2019. Gaia-X members can use Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) functionalities to leverage sovereign data infrastructure benefits. The Gaia-X data ecosystem is being developed for many industrial and commercial initiatives. On the basis of Smart Advanced Services (SAS), the project iECO enables the use of a digital twin throughout the construction life cycle, creating new value for the construction industry. Project iECO's six usecase digitally depict the building construction life cycle. The project iECO's usecases demonstrate Gaia-X's enormous potential for the building sector. These include data flow across corporate boundaries and data delivery to stake-holders. The thesis integrates Project iECO with GXFS. GXFS could make usecase implementation easier across the Gaia-X ecosystem. The historical, current, and future trends for construction data collection, storage, and utilization methods are studied to assess the state of the art for data in the construction industry. For non-Gaia-X users, the Gaia-X ecosystem has been simplified and explained. Project iECO use-cases have been conceptualized and demonstrated with GXFS. The iECO dataspace is realized to demonstrate how other Gaia-X dataspaces would benefit from iECO data, and a consumer-oriented decentralized Gaia-X strategy with an example is explored.
ALL Allgemeines
Borrmann, A.; Schlenger, J.; Müller, W.; Duvenbeck, C.
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Technische Universität München