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Dippon, A.
Multi-Touch Devices as Conventional Input Devices
In consideration of the rapid development of displays and multi-touch technologies, many workspaces could feature integrated multi-touch displays in the near future. In order to improve the functionality of such devices, the possibility of using them as input devices for other computers needs to be reviewed. The idea is, to get rid of many different input devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, multi-touch pad) by using a single multi-touch display. Furthermore the display can be used as an additional monitor to show e.g. toolbars, which can be directly manipulated through multi-touch gestures. During this thesis, an implementation of this idea was realized by using a selfmade large scale multi-touch table as input device and a windows-based notebook as the main computer. The program provides an adaptive keyboard and a multi-touch pad as well as the option to drag&drop standard Windows widgets onto the multi-touch table, which can be controlled by direct touch input. A small user study was conducted to test the current system and to get information about the further approach to this concept.
multi-touch, sensing, TISCH, input, device