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Lanvin, J.-D.; Reuling, D.; Rouger, F.; van de Kuilen, J.W.G.; Ravenshorst, G. 
Simplified strenght properties assessment for tropical hardwoods in view to CE marking 
Visual method (mostly used) using rules specified in national standards (NF B 52-001, BS 5756, and NPR 5493) is available for 36 tropical hardwood species in order to be use in housing. Anyway, experiments can not be done for all tropical hardwood in time of CE marking which will be effective in the EEC market at 1St of September 2009. For a certain amount of other tropical hardwood species of moderate use, simplified rules given in EN 384 have been used to derive strength properties for the oth...    »
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ISCHP 2009: International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing