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Ansari, Homa; Zan, Francesco De; Bamler, Richard; Eineder, Michael
Efficient InSAR Time Series Analysis in the Era of Big Data
Wide-swath satellite missions with short revisit times, such as Sentinel-1, provide an unprecedented wealth of interferometric time series and opens new opportunities for systematic monitoring of the Earth surface. The processing of the emerging Big Data with the state-of-the-art InSAR time series analysis techniques is, however, challenging. This contribution introduces a novel approach, named Sequential Estimator, for efficient estimation of the interferometric phase from long InSAR time serie...     »
Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), Big data, Distributed Scatterer Interferometry, Dimensionality Reduction, Low-Rank Approximation, Performance Analysis, without_full_paper_review
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Helmholtz Alliance: Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics - 5th Alliance Week