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Höhn, Alexander; Tozer, Stuart D.; Koenig, Paul; Niederwieser, Tobias; Stodieck, L. S. 
Design and Flight-Qualification of an Oxygen Resupply System to Support the Transport of Live Rodents to the ISS 
The transport of live rodents to the ISS aboard a pressurized commercial cargo resupply carrier, such as SpaceX Dragon or Orbital Cygnus, requires safe and reliable delivery of gaseous oxygen. This paper will present the oxygen system design for the Animal Enclosure Module -- Environmental Control (AEM-E) payload, which has undergone flight certification and safety assessment and is planned to be flight-ready by early 2014. To support an animal load of 20 mice or 6 rats and a maximum mission dur...    »
Book / Congress title:
Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Environmental Systems