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Kovar, Heinrich; Amatruda, James; Brunet, Erika; Burdach, Stefan; Cidre-Aranaz, Florencia; de Alava, Enrique; Dirksen, Uta; van der Ent, Wietske; Grohar, Patrick; Grünewald, Thomas G P; Helman, Lee; Houghton, Peter; Iljin, Kristiina; Korsching, Eberhard; Ladanyi, Marc; Lawlor, Elizabeth; Lessnick, Stephen; Ludwig, Joseph; Meltzer, Paul; Metzler, Markus; Mora, Jaume; Moriggl, Richard; Nakamura, Takuro; Papamarkou, Theodore; Radic Sarikas, Branka; Rédini, Francoise; Richter, Guenther H S; Rossig,...    »
The second European interdisciplinary Ewing sarcoma research summit--A joint effort to deconstructing the multiple layers of a complex disease. 
Despite multimodal treatment, long term outcome for patients with Ewing sarcoma is still poor. The second "European interdisciplinary Ewing sarcoma research summit" assembled a large group of scientific experts in the field to discuss their latest unpublished findings on the way to the identification of novel therapeutic targets and strategies. Ewing sarcoma is characterized by a quiet genome with presence of an EWSR1-ETS gene rearrangement as the only and defining genetic aberration. RNA-sequen...    »
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