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Dirndorfer, Tobias; Roth, Erwin; Neumann-Cosel, Kilian von; Weiss, Christian; Knoll, Alois 
Simulation Environment for the Development of Predictive Safety Systems 
The continuously growing vehicle density on European roads leads to a higher risk for trafficparticipants to be involved in accidents. In order to mitigate this risk both for vehicle occu-pants as well as unprotected traffic participants, the automotive industry seeks for solutions inthe intelligent combination of active and passive safety systems towards an integral approach.Safety applications like an active emergency brake that can reduce the consequences of anaccident or even avoid a crash c...    »
simulation, predictive safety, pre-collision-phase, pre-crash-scenarios, test and optimization, automotive 
Book / Congress title:
Proceedings of the FISITA 2010 - World Automotive Congress