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Kaden, Robert; Krüger, Andreas; Kolbe, Thomas H.
Energy Atlas Berlin
This video shows a live demo of some functionalities of the Energy Atlas Berlin. The Energy Atlas is an analysis and decision support tool for strategic energy planning at the city scale. It is based on the semantic 3D city model of Berlin (, modeled and represented according to the CityGML standard issued by the Open Geospatial Consortium ( The "Energy Atlas" includes all data from the Solar Atlas Berlin including the rating of the suitability of all individual roofs for each of the 550,000 buildings in Berlin for the production of photovoltaic energy and solar thermal energy. It also integrates heating energy demand estimations and estimates of the energetic rehabilitation possibilities for all buildings. Furthermore, the potential for shallow and deep geothermal energy production for the entire Berlin region is being determined and represented allowing to make an integrated assessment of different types of renewable energy production alternatives and the corresponding energy demands. "Energy Atlas" and "Neighbourhood Demonstrator" are two projects funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) within its "Climate Knowledge & Innovation Community" (Climate KIC). "Energy Atlas" is a collaboration project under the direction of Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin) and "Neighbourhood Demonstrator" is jointly lead by TU Berlin, Institute for Sustainability in London, and the Imperial College London. For further information please refer to and The tool uses Open Source software developed at the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, TU Berlin: 3DCityDB ( ) and citygml4j ( ). The generation of the 3D city model of Berlin has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund. It is owned and maintained by the Berlin Senate of Economics, Technology and Research and Berlin Partner GmbH respectively.
3D City Models; Building Energy Simulation; CityGML; Energy Atlas Berlin; Energieatlas Berlin; Strategic Energy Planning; LOCenter; LOCTop_Urban_Information_Modeling_Virtual_3D_City_Model; LOCTop_Semantic_modeling; GISPro_EnergyAtlas; GISTop_Energy; GISTop_CitySystemModeling; GISTop_3D4D_Managmnt_Viz; GISPro_Ndemo