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Konrad, Florian; Degen, Denise 
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Reduced Basis Models for a fault zone inside the Upper Jurassic Aquifer in Southern Germany 
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BAU Bauingenieurwesen, Vermessungswesen; DAT Datenverarbeitung, Informatik; ERG Energietechnik, Energiewirtschaft; GEO Geowissenschaften 
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Simulationen / simulations 
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Binary data of trained numerical models 
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mehrdimensionale Visualisierungen oder Modelle / models 
Other data type:
Binary data of trained numerical models 
This dataset provides the Reduced Basis Model for a single inclined fault zone pierced by a vertical well inside of a porous aquifer, trained on parameter ranges for the Upper Jurassic aquifer of the Northern Alpine Foreland Basin in Southern Germany, and based on its typical aquifer geometry. The data set contains 9 different versions, each for a different fault zone thickness (15,20,35,50,75,100,200,300 meters as well as 0 meters representing a model without the fault zone and just the reservo...    »
Method of data assessment:
The Reduced Basis Method was used to generate 9 different numerical models for typical fault zone inside of the Upper Jurassic aquifer. The software DwarfElephant was used to train reduced hydraulic models for different fault zone thicknesses on the range of the Upper Jurassic aquifers possible hydraulic properties. 
Key words:
Reduced Basis Method; Geothermal; Fault Zone; Numerical Model; Pumping Tests; PTA 
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