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Original title:
C-met beim Mammakarzinom
Original subtitle:
Expression von c-met und Her2/neu im duktalen Carcinoma in situ der Brust und Etablierung einer Doppelfärbungsmethode zur Phänotypisierung Zytokeratin-positiver Zellen im Knochenmark
Translated title:
Expression of c-met and Her2/neu in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast and a method for detection and phenotyping of cytokeratin-positiv cells in bone-marrow
Lindemann, Kristina Y. K.
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Fakultät für Medizin
Harbeck, Nadia (Prof. Dr.)
Fend, Falko (Prof. Dr.); Neumeier, Dieter (Prof. Dr.)
Subject group:
MED Medizin
c-met, DCIS, Her2/neu, disseminierte Tumorzellen
Translated keywords:
c-met, DCIS, Her2/neu
Wir untersuchten die Expression der Tyrosinkinase c-met beim duktalen Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) der Mamma und etablierten eine Doppelfärbungsmethode zur c-met-Phänotypisierung disseminierter Tumorzellen im Knochenmark. In Mischungsexperimenten konnten wir Tumorzellen in Knochenmarksaspiraten eindeutig identifizieren und mittels Immunfluoreszenz phänotypisieren. MCF-7-Zellen exprimieren c-met auf ihrer Oberfläche und diese Expression ist vor allem in Bereichen der Zell-zu-Zell-Adhäsion ausgeprägt....     »
Translated abstract:
Tyrosine kinase receptors Her2/neu and c-Met play an important role in breast cancer development and progression. In our study we determined the expression of c-Met, its ligand HGF/SF, and Her2/neu in ductal carcinoma in situ lesions of the breast (n=39) both by two different immunocytochemical techniques, classical immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence and correlated their expression levels with histopathological and clinical characteristics. Both methods revealed similar c-Met staining patterns in the in situ component as well as the adjacent normal tissue (p<0.001). However, an imbalance in c-met expression between tumor and surrounding normal tissue was correlated with high-grade DCIS (Van Nuys Grade 3). No correlation existed between Her2/neu and c Met expression, indicating that both are not co-ordinately expressed in DCIS. High HGF/SF immunoreactivity was observed in 43.6% of the cases, yet, the adjacent cellular stroma revealed only low levels of HGF/SF. No correlation existed between c Met, Her2/neu, or HGF/SF expression and clinico-pathological factors. An imbalance in c-Met expression between tumor and surrounding normal tissue was associated with an aggressive DCIS phenotype. Moreover, c-met and HGF/SF may contribute to tumor development by different means than those controlled by Her2/neu.
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