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Haghighi, Mona; Johnson, Suzanne Bennett; Qian, Xiaoning; Lynch, Kristian F; Vehik, Kendra; Huang, Shuai; TEDDY Study Group; Johnson, Suzanne Bennett; Lynch, Kristian F; Vehik, Kendra; Rewers, Marian; Bautista, Kimberly; Baxter, Judith; Bedoy, Ruth; Morales, Daniel-Felipe; Driscoll, Kimberly; Frohnert, Brigitte I; Gesualdo, Patricia; Hoffman, Michelle; Karban, Rachel; Liu, Edwin; Norris, Jill; Samper-Imaz, Adela; Steck, Andrea; Waugh, Kathleen; Wright, Hali; Sharma, Ashok; Hopkins, Diane; Young,...    »
A Comparison of Rule-based Analysis with Regression Methods in Understanding the Risk Factors for Study Withdrawal in a Pediatric Study. 
Regression models are extensively used in many epidemiological studies to understand the linkage between specific outcomes of interest and their risk factors. However, regression models in general examine the average effects of the risk factors and ignore subgroups with different risk profiles. As a result, interventions are often geared towards the average member of the population, without consideration of the special health needs of different subgroups within the population. This paper demonst...    »
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