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TUM Staff and Student Directories

The historical collection of staff and student directories of the Technical University of Munich contains the per semester listings from 1869 to 1918.

Statistik der Studierenden der TUM im Sommer-Semester 1910

General Information about the Collection

This TUM University Library collection provides access to the school's staff and students directories from 1869 to summer semester 1918. The printed, and in part hand written, issues were digitised and are now publicly available on mediaTUM.

Responsible institution: TUM University Library

Digitisation: Team Document Delivery and Digitisation of TUM University Library

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Contents of the Staff and Student Directories

Every issue lists names, geographic origin and addresses of all staff members and students. With regard to staff, you can also find information on academic awards and military decorations..

Staff members include:

  • Members of the executive board (presidents, senate...)
  • Faculty (professors, guest lecturers, assistants...)
  • Non-scientific staff (library, chancellery, bursary, laboratories...)

In addition to enrolled students, guest students are listed separately.

The information on the geographic origin of each person indicates the city or municipality. The Bavarian administrative district (Upper Bavaria, Middle Franconia...) is included for Bavarians, the state for other Germans (Anhalt, Baden, Prussia...), and the country for non-Germans (Bulgaria, Italy...).

At the end of each issue, you will find statistics on the number of staff and students, broken down by department, origin and position. This statistic may be amended in the following semester's issue if needed.