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Schmohl, Robert; Baumgarten, Uwe 
The Contextual Map - A Context Model for Detecting Affinity between Contexts 
Context-awareness represents an important research domain in mobile computing by utilizing information about persons, places and objects anytime and anywhere. The highly dynamic contexts created by this paradigm raise questions how to efficiently determine alikeness and affinity between such contexts. Inspired by mechanisms from location-aware computing, we tackle the issue of contextual proximity by constructing an n-dimensional map-model, which serves as a context model for regular context rep...    »
Dieses Paper wurde vom Springer Verlag im Rahmen der Proceedings folgender Konferenz veröffentlicht: The Second International ICST Conference on MOBILe Wireless MiddleWARE, Operating Systems, and Applications (MOBILWARE 2009) im Mai 2009 in Berlin, Deutschland; elektronische Veröffentlichung: bei Springerlink; Proceedings: MobileWireless Middleware, Operating Systems, and Applications, ISBN: 978-3-642-01801-5, Seiten 171-184; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-01802-2_13