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Baur, Stephan; Geß, Lukas; Seppälä, Anna-Kaarina; Eisner, Johannes
Low-Tech Waterwheel - Concept for a Simple and Small Hydro Power System for Remote Areas in Nepal
Despite the continuously increasing access to electricity in Nepal, millions of its inhabitants still live without electrical energy, and many more have a very unreliable supply connection. Simultaneously, Nepal has enormous hydropower potential thanks to its mountainous topography, but only a fraction of this potential has been taken advantage of. Rural communities in remote areas are already experienced in the manufacture and operation of traditional water mills pani ghattas, and could thus ad...     »
waterwheel, modular concept, off-grid, rural electrification, hydro power, Nepal
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620 Ingenieurwissenschaften
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5th International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology (ICDRET'18)
Date of congress:
29-31 March 2018