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Original title:
Optimization of Wavelength Division Multiplexed Optical Communication Systems at 100 Gb/s Using Multilevel Phase Modulation and Direct Detection
Translated title:
Optimierung eines optischen 100 Gb/s Übertragungssystems mit Wellenlängenmultiplex, mehrstufiger Phasenmodulation und Direktempfang
Gaete Jamett, Oscar Cristóbal
Document type:
Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Hanik, Norbert (Prof. Dr.)
Hanik, Norbert (Prof. Dr.); de Waardt, Huug (Prof. Dr.)
Subject group:
ELT Elektrotechnik
fiber optics, 100 Gb/s, WDM, global optimization, phase modulation, Nyquist pulses, direct detection
Translated keywords:
Optischeübertragungstechnik, Glasfaser, 100 Gb/s, WDM, Globale Optimierung, Phasenmodulation, Nyquist-Pulse, Direktempfang
This thesis investigates the performance limits of phase modulated and direct detected WDM systems at 55.5 and 111 Gb/s with 50 GHz channel spacing. Particularly, we are interested in identifying the parameters of the optical link that maximize the performance of a certain transmission format and subsequently analyze different modulation schemes and link configurations at their optimum operation points. For this purpose, a novel optimization algorithm is proposed and extensively used for determining the optimum parameters of the investigated scenarios.
Firstly, different "flavors'' of DQPSK at 55.5 Gb/s are compared, such as return and non-return-to-zero pulse shapes using single and dual-carrier implementations. Secondly, we introduce optical DQPSK transmission using Nyquist pulses as a way of minimizing the spectral occupancy of the signals. By means of spectral shaping we attempt to increase the tolerance of the Nyquist signals to transmission impairments. And finally, the transmission of 111 Gb/s encoding 3 bits per transmitted symbol is investigated. Because of the broad spectrum of the signals and small channel separation, transmission suffers from strong performance penalties due to WDM cross-talk and narrow-band filtering. We justify using ASK-DQPSK as the modulation format for such scenario.
Transmission performance is quantified by means of simulations, which assess robustness to narrow-band filtering, dispersion and non-linear tolerance, and propagation in non-dispersion and dispersion managed links. The optimum dispersion map parameters, launch powers and an estimation of the maximum transmission distance are given for each of the considered transmission formats.
Translated abstract:
Diese Arbeit untersucht die Leistungsfähigkeitsgrenzen von phasenmodulierten und direkt empfangenen WDM-Systemen bei 50 und 100 Gb/s mit 50 GHz Kanalabstand. Insbesondere sind wir daran interessiert, zunächst die Parameter der optischen Strecke zu bestimmen, die die Leistungsfähigkeit eines bestimmten Sendeformats maximieren. Auf diese Weise sind wir in der Lage, verschiedene Modulationsverfahren und Übertragungskonfigurationen an ihrem optimalen Arbeitspunkt zu analysieren und somit einen faire...     »
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