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Krieger, Marie-Therese (1); Ditton, Julia (1); Albrecht , Harald (1); Linderl , Luise (1); Kollmann , Johannes (1; 2); Teixeira, Leonardo H. (1) 
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1. Technical University of Munich
2. Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Ås, Norway 
Greenhouse and field data of Jacobaea aquatica experiments testing the effects of shading 
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UMW Umweltwissenschaften 
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Ecology, Grassland management 
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Experimente und Beobachtungen / experiments and observations 
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data gathered from open online sources (climate data) 
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Tabellen / tables 
Collected data from three grassland experiments and a corresponding greenhouse experiment to assess the effects of shading and site conditions on the vegetative and generative growth of a native invader. Data correspond to measured values of vitality of plants in the greenhouse and field, to abundance of the species in the field and to environmental site conditions and decrease in light quantity. For details regarding each dataset, please refer to the readme file. 
Method of data assessment:
Field experiments with different management strategies to suppress the native invader Jacobaea aquatica were established in 2017 and 2018. To assess the effects on the abundance of J. aquatica, vegetative and generative plants were counted and measured in June and August 2019 and 2020. Additionally, light availability (PAR) was measured to calculate effective light reduction. Correspondingly, J. aquatica plants were treated with different shading nets in a greenhouse experiment. Environmental da...    »

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Key words:
Grassland management; Invasive native species; Jacobaea aquatica; Poisonous plant; Shade effects; Weed control 
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