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The Inventory of the TUM Architecture Museum

This is a researchable database containing all the electronically recorded assets of the architectural plan collection (approx. 550,000 documents, 200,000 photographs, 1,500 models, as well as project-related archival materials).

Within the framework of the DigitAM project, the most valuable plans and drawings of the architectural museum are scanned at high resolution, the digitized materials (as yet approx. 58,000) are continuously incorporated into the database. The digitized objects are catalogued under the architect's name.

User instructions:

• The database is hierarchically structured: Architect = > Project = > Object.

• The name of the architects are sorted alphabetically.

• Within the projects, you can perform an individual sorting by location, date or project name. The “sort by/Sortieren nach” field appears above the list of projects.

• You will always find the search box at the top left. You can choose between a simple full-text search and an advanced search.

• A search for an exact value can be achieved by quotation marks (e.g. "Justizpalast")

All digitized materials are available as JPEG. The link to download on the individual item description page (JPEG download).


Please note:

• The DigitAM project includes only digitized records that fall under public domain or plans and drawings in which the architectural museum owns the image rights. The digital versions are protected under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND.

• "digitized record does not exist/ Digitalisat nicht vorhanden" means that the object has not been scanned because it is not public domain, or because it is a different genus. (photo, archival materials, etc.). The non-digitized assest can be viewed in the archive by appointment and may be scanned subject to a fee. Appointment booking

• High-resolution versions of existing scans can be ordered from the TUM Architecture Museum via email by specifying the shelfmark/ Signatur and image size. Order and price list

The image rights of the digitized materials lie with the TUM Architecture Museum.

• A publication, reproduction, distribution, or public display, in whole or in part, of digitized materials is only possible with express written permission of the Architectural Museum. Application for permission to publish or reproduce images and price list

List of architects with existing digitized objects

The archive of the Architekturmuseum der TUM

Contact the Architecture Museum Archive

Further information regarding the DigitAM Project



The digitization of the archive's plan collection is a project of the TUM Architecture Museum in cooperation with the University Library and was founded on the initiative of Dr. Caroline Leiß, supervisor of the Department of Architecture at the University Library, Klaus-Anton Altenbuchner, M.A., TUM Architectural Museum Archival Director, and Anton Heine, Architectural Museum Conservator.

The project DigitAM was funded by The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Application: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Winfried Nerdinger (Architecture Museum) and Dr. Reiner Kallenborn (University Library).

Project Management until 2011: Klaus-Anton Altenbuchner, M.A. (Architecture Museum) and Dr. Caroline Leiß (University Library). Project responsibility until 2012: Prof. Winfried Nerdinger

The project is ongoing and runs independently through its own resources.

Project Management:

Dr. Irene Meissner – Architectural Museum

089 289-28352


Anton Heine – Architectural Museum

089 289-23921