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Original title:
Der Einfluß unterschiedlicher Injektionsgeschwindigkeiten auf den EEG-Effekt von Propofol
Translated title:
The influence of the injection-time of Propofol on the EEG
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Fakultät für Medizin
Schneider, G. (Dr. med)
Kochs, Eberhard (Prof. Dr.); Ceballos-Baumann, Andres O. (Prof. Dr.)
Subject group:
MED Medizin
EEG; Propofol; Disoprivan; Injektionsgeschwindigkeit
Mit dieser Studie wurde in 3 Gruppen zu je 33 Patienten untersucht, welchen Einfluß unterschiedliche Injektionsgeschwindigkeiten (5 sec,120 sec,240 sec) einer definierten Menge des Hypnotikums Propofol (2mg/kg/KG) auf die Narkosetiefe, gemessen am Bispektralen Index (BIS) als quantifizierenden EEG-Parameter, und auf hämodynamische Parameter hat. Der minimale BIS-Wert, das Maß des hypnotischen Effekts von Propofol, ist bei schneller Injektion (5 sec) signifikant tiefer als bei sehr langsamer Inje...    »
Translated abstract:
Previous studies suggested that slow administration of propofol leads to reduction of dose necessary if titrated to effect.[1] This study investigates the maximum effect of a propofol bolus (2 mg/kg) on BIS if given with different rates. After HIC approval and informed written consent 99 unpremedicated patients (18-60 y) with normal weight were randomized to three groups, receiving an induction bolus of propofol (2 mg/kg). In group 1, this bolus was given over 5 sec, in group 2 over 120 sec, and in group 3 over 240 sec. BIS was used to measure the hypnotic effect of propofol. X2 and ANOVA was used to compare demographic data and BIS minimum between groups. There were no differences in demographic or baseline data. In group 1 (5 sec) the BIS minimum was 28,66 (± 10,29), in group 2 (120 sec) 32,98 (± 13,92) and in group 3 (240 sec) 36,37 ( ± 10,99). The results of group 1 compared to group 3 showed significant differences. The results of group 2 did not show significant differences compared to group 1 or 3 (p<0.05, Bonferroni-corrected). Rapid administration increases hypnotic effect of a propofol bolus as measured by BIS. Conflicting results of previous studies (1,2) are most likely due to differences in study design: If propofol is titrated to clinical effect, slow administration seems to decrease dose requirements. This is most likely due to improved titration. If the same amount is given with different rates, propofol leads to deeper hypnosis if administered faster. These results are consistent with pharmacokinetic models developed in sheep. [2, 3] [References: 1. Anesth Analg 1991. 72: 578-83, 2. Br J Anaesth, 1997. 79: 505-13, 3. Br J Anaesth, 1997. 79(4): 497-504.]
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Universitätsbibliothek der TU München
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