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Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq
Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq; Petzold, Frank
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Tasks to improve and further develop TUM Workbench as collaborative Virtual Research Environment (VRE)
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DAT Datenverarbeitung, Informatik; EDU Erziehungswissenschaften; INF Informationswesen, Bibliotheks-, Dokumentations-, Archiv-, Museumswesen; WIS Wissenschaftskunde
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Textdokumente / text documents
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Texte / texts
This package of data contains list of tasks which were created to improve and further develop TUM Workbench as collaborative Virtual Research Environment (VRE). These tasks were created during the first funding phase of TRR277 AMC (a Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) funded by German Research Council).
The tasks were created after thorough analysis of available functions and features in TUM Workbench, technical viability and the requirements raised by the researchers and other participants of AMC. Each task was consisted of description and where possible accompany images for further explanation and better understanding. The tasks were first created in TUM Workbench where these were shared and assigned to the designated staffs who were responsible to arrange and implement the requirements.
Although, these tasks were created for the improvement and further development of TUM Workbench as collaborative VRE, these may also be adopted by the target groups for their own platform and research information infrastructure. TUM Workbench is maintained and developed by TUM library. It is also available as open source at Therefore, these tasks may even be used for custom development of TUM Workbench and alike services etc. For further details, for example about adoption of TUM Workbench and related information please refer to (page 157-165) and
Key words:
Virtual research environment; VRE; RDM; Research data management; Software engineering; Requirements engineering; TUM Workbench
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Horizon 2020:
DFG, Project Number 414265976 - TRR 277