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Nsogning Dongmo, Sorelle; Womeni, Hilaire Macaire; Tchouanguep Mbiapo, Felicite; Linder, Michel; Fanni, Jacques; Zarnkow, Martin; Becker, Thomas 
Cooking and Drying Process Optimisation of Shea ( Butyrospermum parkii ) Butter Extraction 
Cooking and drying conditions of the shea butter extraction process were determined using a response surface methodology. The influence of cooking time, temperature, and nuts/water mass ratio, drying time, and temperature on the content of free fatty acids, the peroxide value, as well as on the extraction yield was investigated. Results showed that both the free fatty acid content and the peroxide value were significantly affected by cooking and drying temperature; the cooking time and nuts/water ratio also affected significantly the peroxide value. Increasing cooking and drying temperature reduced the FFA content but contributed to increase the peroxide value. The cooking and drying temperature range of 75-80 °C and < 54°C, respectively; cooking time of 70-100 min; drying time < 40 h, and cooking nuts/water mass ratio < 400 g/l of water were found to be optimum conditions for the extraction of shea butter. 
Shea Nuts Pretreatmen, Response Surface Methodology, Shea Butter Quality. 
Czech Journal of Food Sciences; Vol 32, No 6 (2014)