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Dezelak, M.; Gebremariam, M. M.; Zarnkow, M.; Becker, T.; Kosir, I. J. 
Part III: the influence of serial repitching of Saccharomyces pastorianus on the production dynamics of some important aroma compounds during the fermentation of barley and gluten-free buckwheat and quinoa wort 
Recently, research has been focusing on the use of alternative raw materials for brewing purposes and gluten-free beer-like beverages from malted buckwheat and quinoa are of commercial interest. A common commercial process involves the serial repitching of the yeast biomass, but this has not been described using buckwheat and quinoa wort fermentations. Our research studies (Parts I-III) explored the serial repitching of the yeast strain Saccharomyces pastorianus TUM 34/70 on the composition of a barley, buckwheat and quinoa fermentation medium. The present paper focuses on the fermentation performance and the uptake dynamics of metal ions and fermentable carbohydrates. Both pseudocereals showed high variations in all of the attributes examined during successive fermentations. In buckwheat the differences between successive fermentations were similar to those observed with barley, whereas differences in quinoa varied quite significantly from those observed with barley and showed a directional trend, suggesting a general weakening of the yeast from the sixth successive fermentation onward. In particular, the assimilation of the fermentable carbohydrates lessened and metal ion uptake appeared poorly controlled. It was concluded that buckwheat showed good potential for serial repitching of S. pastorianus TUM 34/70, whereas serial repitching of a quinoa wort appeared to be limited to five or six fermentations. Copyright (C) 2015 The Institute of Brewing & Distilling. 
Journal of the Institute of Brewing 
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Dezelak, Matjaz Gebremariam, Mekonnen Melaku Zarnkow, Martin Becker, Thomas Kosir, Iztok Joze Dezelak, Matjaz/H-3935-2011; Gebremariam, Mekonnen/L-7996-2016 Dezelak, Matjaz/0000-0002-9298-4582; Gebremariam, Mekonnen/0000-0002-1918-6330 2050-0416