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Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq
Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq; Petzold, Frank
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Guiding and instructional material of RDM for large CRC projects
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DAT Datenverarbeitung, Informatik; EDU Erziehungswissenschaften; INF Informationswesen, Bibliotheks-, Dokumentations-, Archiv-, Museumswesen; WIS Wissenschaftskunde
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Textdokumente / text documents
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This package of data contains guiding and instructional material for research data management (RDM). It was created for large Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) e.g. TRR277 AMC (a CRC funded by German Research Council). The research workload in such centres is usually distributed in projects and work packages where each workload could be hosted by multiple institutions. And those institutions may geographically be located at distinct locations. The participating researchers come from different domains with varying skills, competencies, qualifications and belong to different age groups.
Researchers in such projects use and generate heterogeneous, large amount of data which ranges from surveys, lab experiments, simulations, data models to software code and hardware design as well as real world objects etc. Apart from maintaining data management plan (DMP), maintenance of metadata, compliance with particular research data policy and the use of specific information infrastructure are considered mandatory in such projects.
The guiding and instructional material of this package presents topics/ contents, concepts and approaches which were developed for in person, digital medium as well as for hybrid environments on one hand. On the other hands it demonstrates those concepts and approaches using official information infrastructure e.g. in this case TUM Workbench, Data Science Storage (DSS)/Globus, mediaTUM. Since the examples and demonstrations are based on e.g. AMC specific policy and infrastructure, the topics/ contents, concepts and approaches may be adopted by target groups as per their own target groups as per their own policy, infrastructure and the distribution of workloads etc.
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Teaching and training, RDM; Research data management; RDM Guide; CRC; Collaborative research centre; TUM Workbench; DSS; Data Science Storage; Globus
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