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Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq
Hussain Shah, Syed Ashfaq; Petzold, Frank
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Simplified DataCite compliant metadata templates and directory structures to manage research data
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DAT Datenverarbeitung, Informatik; INF Informationswesen, Bibliotheks-, Dokumentations-, Archiv-, Museumswesen; WIR Wirtschaftswissenschaften; WIS Wissenschaftskunde
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Textdokumente / text documents
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Texte / texts
This dataset contains simplified DataCite compliant metadata templates and file/ folder organisation schemes. These standard templates and organisational schemes were defined to organise data of large Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) e.g. TRR277 AMC (a CRC funded by German Research Council) in a uniform logical way. The research workloads in such centres are usually divided in projects, work packages and distributed among various teams and institutions. The participants come from different domains with varying skills and competencies. They form interdisciplinary teams depending on the objectives. In these centres, researchers use and generate heterogeneous, large amount of data. Contrary to unorganised or selforganised form, data is subject to be managed in consistent and organised manners. Apart from maintaining data management plan (DMP), participants also maintain metadata, use specific information infrastructure(s) and comply with particular policy. The data and metadata in such centres are maintained using both files and digital form based applications.

The directory structure in this package offers schemes only for higher level hierarchies and allow data generators to freely define subsequent data organisation schemes. Metadata templates may be used for manual recording as well as basis for the definition by the software system offering custom template creation features for metadata and file like data organisation.

This data package also contains glossaries and description files. The contents of the package are based on the AMC specific policy, information infrastructure and the nature of data etc. Those AMC specific contents may be adopted by the concerned groups as per their own preferences.
Key words:
Metadata; Metadata template; DataCite; Data organisation; Data packaging; Project packaging; Digital object packaging; Data bundle; Scheme; RDM; Research data management; CRC; Collaborative research centre
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DFG, Project Number 414265976 - TRR 277