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Collath, Nils ; Gasper, Paul ; Jossen, Andreas ; Smith, Kandler ; Hesse, Holger 
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Collath, Nils (TUM) ; Gasper, Paul (NREL), Jossen, Andreas (TUM) ; Smith, Kandler (NREL); Hesse, Holger (TUM) 
Techno-economic analysis results of BESS use-cases considering battery degradation model confidence intervals 
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ELT Elektrotechnik; TEC Technik, Ingenieurwissenschaften (allgemein) 
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Simulationen / simulations 
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Programme und Anwendungen / software and applications 
This public dataset contains an adapted version of the time-series simulation tool “SimSES”. The adapted version allows to account for multiple parameter sets of a given degradation model in every simulation step, in order to assess the impact of degradation modelling uncertainty. Furthermore, simulation results for relevant confidence intervals (50 % , 90, %, 95 %, 99 %) with two degradation models are included for common use-cases of battery energy storage systems (BESS): Frequency Containment...    »
Method of data assessment:
Time-series simulations with the above mentioned adapted version of the software “SimSES”.

The main repository of SimSES is accessible under the link:

Key words:
Degradation, lithium-ion, techno-economic analysis, uncertainty, battery energy storage system, confidence interval, SimSES, time-series simulation 
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Simulation Results: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Software (adapted version of SimSES): BSD 3-Clause License: