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Bartsch, Yannic C; Eschweiler, Simon; Leliavski, Alexei; Lunding, Hanna B; Wagt, Sander; Petry, Janina; Lilienthal, Gina-Maria; Rahmöller, Johann; de Haan, Noortje; Hölscher, Alexandra; Erapaneedi, Raghu; Giannou, Anastasios D; Aly, Lilian; Sato, Ryota; de Neef, Louise A; Winkler, André; Braumann, Dominique; Hobusch, Juliane; Kuhnigk, Kyra; Krémer, Vanessa; Steinhaus, Moritz; Blanchard, Véronique; Gemoll, Timo; Habermann, Jens K; Collin, Mattias; Salinas, Gabriela; Manz, Rudolf A; Fukuyama, Hide...    »
IgG Fc sialylation is regulated during the germinal center reaction following immunization with different adjuvants. 
BACKGROUND: Effector functions of IgG Abs are regulated by their Fc N-glycosylation pattern. IgG Fc glycans that lack galactose and terminal sialic acid residues correlate with the severity of inflammatory (auto)immune disorders and have also been linked to protection against viral infection and discussed in the context of vaccine-induced protection. In contrast, sialylated IgG Abs have shown immunosuppressive effects. OBJECTIVE: We sought to investigate IgG glycosylation programming during the...    »
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J Allergy Clin Immunol 
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Molekulare Immunologie (Prof. Knolle); Neurologische Klinik und Poliklinik