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Luteijn, Rutger D; Praest, Patrique; Thiele, Frank; Sadasivam, Saravanan Manikam; Singethan, Katrin; Drijfhout, Jan W; Bach, Christian; de Boer, Steffen Matthijn; Lebbink, Robert J; Tao, Sha; Helfer, Markus; Bach, Nina C; Protzer, Ulrike; Costa, Ana I; Killian, J Antoinette; Drexler, Ingo; Wiertz, Emmanuel J H J 
A Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Peptide Blocks Infection of Viruses by Binding to Phosphatidylserine in the Viral Envelope. 
The ongoing threat of viral infections and the emergence of antiviral drug resistance warrants a ceaseless search for new antiviral compounds. Broadly-inhibiting compounds that act on elements shared by many viruses are promising antiviral candidates. Here, we identify a peptide derived from the cowpox virus protein CPXV012 as a broad-spectrum antiviral peptide. We found that CPXV012 peptide hampers infection by a multitude of clinically and economically important enveloped viruses, including po...    »
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