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Terzimehić, Nađa; Leipold, Nadja; Schäfer, Hanna; Madenach, Mira; Böhm, Markus; Groh, Georg; Gedrich, Kurt; Krcmar, Helmut 
Can an Automated Personalized Nutrition Assistance System Successfully Change Nutrition Behavior? - Study Design 
Despite a multitude of existing dietary guidelines, the rise of the number of people suffering from a diet-related disease occurs on a yearly basis. Studies show that the response to different diets varies individually, calling for more personalized measures available at any time in any context. Therefore, this paper proposes a research design based on a smartphone app, that delivers automated, personalized dietary recommendations, to encourage a healthier nutrition lifestyle. Founding on previo...    »
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Thirty Seventh International Conference on Information Systems