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Isenberg, S.; Goebl, M.; Baumgarten, U. 
Is the Web ready for in-car infotainment? A framework for browser performance tests suited for embedded vehicle hardware 
After Web applications have successfully found their way to PCs, smartphones and tablets, they are on the verge to be used on in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. One of the often claimed drawbacks of Web applications is their low performance in conjunction with limited resources. We have created a benchmark framework to evaluate the performance of JavaScript in comparison to native code. The framework is designed to take the resource constraints of IVI systems into account. We conclude that g...    »
Internet; Java; embedded systems; entertainment; on-board communications; online front-ends; telecommunication computing; IVI system; JavaScript; PC; Web application; browser performance test; embedded vehicle hardware; in-car infotainment; in-vehicle infotainment system; local storage functionality; smartphone; tablet; Benchmark testing; Browsers; Databases; Engines; Hardware; Performance evaluation; Vehicles; JavaScript benchmark; Web applications; embedded systems; in-car infotainment systems...    »
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000 Informatik, Wissen, Systeme 
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Web Systems Evolution (WSE), 2012 14th IEEE International Symposium on 
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