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Saidov, Rustam; Kusch, Mario; Mayr, Peter; Höfer, Kevin; Komilova, Durdona 
Role of flux oxide slags in the mechanism of the formation of weld beads during the A-TIG welding of stainless steels 
This article presents the results of studies into the effects of flux oxide slags on the mechanism of the formation of weld beads on the CrNi18-10 stainless steel during A-TIG welding. The results obtained make it possible to determine the effects of some thermophysical properties of individual flux oxides formed at the edges of the weld pool slags on the peculiarities of the formation of the weld pool during the A-TIG welding of the CrNi18-10 stainless steel and their influences on the weld bea...    »
A-TIG, Welding, Stainless Steel, Flux Oxide 
Journal title:
Welding and Cutting 
Journal volume:
No. 6 
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Lehrstuhl für Werkstofftechnik der Additiven Fertigung