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Feldmann, S., S. J. I. Herzig, K. Kernschmidt, T. Wolfenstetter, D. Kammerl, A. Qamar, U. Lindemann, H. Krcmar, C. J. J. Paredis, and B. Vogel-Heuser 
Towards Effective Management of Inconsistencies in Model-Based Engineering of Automated Production Systems 
The development of automated production systems requires the collaborative effort of a variety of stakeholders from different disciplines. In model-based systems engineering, stakeholders address their specific concerns by forming a number of views using models. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of automated production systems, a variety of modelling languages, formalisms and tools is typically employed. Nevertheless, the aggregation of models is nowadays limited by the communication betw...    »
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2015 IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM 2015) 
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Scopus; Web of Science