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Karampinos, Dimitrios C; Ruschke, Stefan; Dieckmeyer, Michael; Eggers, Holger; Kooijman, Hendrik; Rummeny, Ernst J; Bauer, Jan S; Baum, Thomas 
Modeling of T2 * decay in vertebral bone marrow fat quantification. 
Bone marrow fat fraction mapping using chemical shift encoding-based water-fat separation is becoming a useful tool in investigating the association between bone marrow adiposity and bone health and in assessing cancer treatment-induced bone marrow damage. Vertebral bone marrow is characterized by short T2 * relaxation times, which are in general different for the water and fat components and can confound fat quantification. The purpose of the present study is to compare different approaches to T2 * correction in chemical shift encoding-based water-fat imaging of vertebral bone marrow using single-voxel MRS as reference. Eight-echo gradient-echo imaging and single-voxel MRS measurements were made on the spine (L3-L5) of 25 healthy volunteers. Different approaches were evaluated for correction of T2 * effects: (a) single-T2 * correction, (b) dual-T2 * correction, (c) T2' correction using the a priori-known T2 from the MRS at each vertebral body and (d) T2' correction using the a priori-known T2 equal to previously measured average values. Dual-T2 * correction resulted in noisier imaging fat fraction maps than single-T2 * correction or T2' correction using a priori-known T2 . Linear regression analysis between imaging and MRS fat fraction showed a slope significantly different from 1 when using single-T2 * correction (R(2) = 0.96) or dual-T2 * correction (R(2) = 0.87). T2' correction using the a priori-known T2 resulted in a slope not significantly different from 1, an intercept significantly different from 0 (between 2.4% and 3%) and R(2) = 0.96. Therefore, a T2' correction using a priori-known T2 can remove the fat fraction bias induced by the difference in T2 * between water and fat components without degrading noise performance in fat fraction mapping of vertebral bone marrow. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley& Sons, Ltd. 
NMR Biomed 
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