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Göktuna, Serkan I; Canli, Ozge; Bollrath, Julia; Fingerle, Alexander A; Horst, David; Diamanti, Michaela A; Pallangyo, Charles; Bennecke, Moritz; Nebelsiek, Tim; Mankan, Arun K; Lang, Roland; Artis, David; Hu, Yinling; Patzelt, Thomas; Ruland, Jürgen; Kirchner, Thomas; Taketo, M Mark; Chariot, Alain; Arkan, Melek C; Greten, Florian R 
IKK? promotes intestinal tumorigenesis by limiting recruitment of M1-like polarized myeloid cells. 
The recruitment of immune cells into solid tumors is an essential prerequisite of tumor development. Depending on the prevailing polarization profile of these infiltrating leucocytes, tumorigenesis is either promoted or blocked. Here, we identify I?B kinase ? (IKK?) as a central regulator of a tumoricidal microenvironment during intestinal carcinogenesis. Mice deficient in IKK? kinase activity are largely protected from intestinal tumor development that is dependent on the enhanced recruitment o...    »
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Cell Rep 
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Institut für Radiologie; Institut für Klinische Chemie und Pathobiochemie