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Clinical Trial, Phase III; Journal Article; Randomized Controlled Trial; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't 
Reim, Daniel; Kim, Young-Woo; Nam, Byung Ho; Kim, Mi-Jung; Yook, Jeong Hwan; Park, Young Kyu; Roh, Sung Hoon; Yu, Wan Sik; Bae, Jae Moon 
FAIRY: a randomized controlled patient-blind phase III study to compare the efficacy and safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose (Ferinject®) to placebo in patients with acute isovolemic anemia after gastrectomy - study protocol for a randomized contr 
Isovolemic anemia (decrease in hemoglobin concentration with normal or even increased blood volume) after gastric cancer surgery may negatively influence short- and long-term outcomes. Therefore correction of isovolemic postoperative anemia is supposed to be beneficial. This prospective randomized placebo-controlled multicenter trial is designed to evaluate the efficacy of ferric carboxymaltose administration with the primary end point of successful hemoglobin level increase by 2 g/dl at 12 weeks after randomization.Gastric cancer patients after oncologic resection and postoperative hemoglobin level >= 7 g/dl to <10 g/dl at postoperative days 5 to 7 will be eligible for trial inclusion. After randomization, 450 patients (225 per group) are going to be subjected either to administration of ferric carboxymaltose (treatment group) or normal (0.9%) saline (placebo group). Patients will be blinded to the intervention. Patients will undergo evaluation for hemoglobin level, hematology and quality of life assessment 3 and 12 weeks after randomization.Correction of isovolemic postoperative anemia in gastric cancer patients after oncologic resection is considered to be beneficial. Administration of ferric carboxymaltose is considered to be superior to placebo for anemia correction without the possible risks of red blood cell transfusion. Further, improved quality of life for patients with quick recovery of hemoglobin levels is expected.NCT01725789 (international: and NCCCTS-12-644 (NCC, Korea). 
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