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Häuser, W; Marschall, U; L'hoest, H; Komossa, K; Henningsen, P 
[Administrative prevalence, treatment and costs of somatoform pain disorder. Analysis of data of the BARMER GEK for the years 2008-2010]. 
Data on administrative prevalence, types of treatment and disease costs of patients diagnosed with somatoform pain disorder (according to ICD 10) in Germany were not previously available.We analysed health insurance data from 2008-2010 of 8.5 million people of the German statutory health insurance company BARMER GEK on administrative prevalence of insurants with at least one billing code F 45.4x in 2009 and at least one second billing code F 45.4x in the time period 2008-2010 stratified by age and gender, different professions being involved in treatment, diagnostics and treatment methods applied. The types and costs of out-patient treatment and of in-patient treatment in case of any discharge with diagnosis of F45.4 were analysed.The administrative prevalence doubled from 2008 to 2010 after the separation of the previous code F45.4 into F45.40 and F45.41. In 2009, 0.5 % of the insurants were diagnosed with F 45.4, whereby F 45.4 was diagnosed 2.3-fold more often in women than in men. Family practitioners (41 %) and anaesthesiologists (28 %) were the leading specialties in the care of chronic patients. In 2009, 54 % of patients underwent x-ray examination, 25 % magnetic resonance imaging and 11 % computed tomography. In all, 66 % of the chronic patients received basic psychosomatic care, 38 % were prescribed opioids, 12 % underwent spinal nerve anaesthesia and 14 % received psychotherapy. In 2009, the average direct and indirect treatment costs per patient with somatoform pain disorder were 5500.Insurants diagnosed with somatoform pain disorder were probably overtreated with radiology and invasive procedures and with opioids. 
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