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Wong, P.; Althammer, S.; Hildebrand, A.; Kirschner, A.; Pagel, P.; Geissler, B.; Smialowski, P.; Blöchl, F.; Oesterheld, M.; Schmidt, T.; Strack, N.; Theis, F. J.; Ruepp, A.; Frishman, D. 
An evolutionary and structural characterization of mammalian protein complex organization 
Background: We have recently released a comprehensive, manually curated database of mammalian protein complexes called CORUM. Combining CORUM with other resources, we assembled a dataset of over 2700 mammalian complexes. The availability of a rich information resource allows us to search for organizational properties concerning these complexes. Results: As the complexity of a protein complex in terms of the number of unique subunits increases, we observed that the number of such complexes and th...    »
BMC Genomics 
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