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Heiz, U.; Bullock, E. L. 
Fundamental aspects of catalysis on supported metal clusters 
A review; we examine the role of oxide support defects, cluster size-dependence, cluster structural fluxionality, and impurity doping on the catalytic properties of size-selected metal clusters on surfaces. By combining exptl. results from the oxidn. of CO on size-selected gold clusters with ab-initio calcns., a detailed picture emerges of the electronic and structural dynamics of this process. For Au8, Au4, and Au3Sr clusters on F-center defects on MgO(100), optimized at. structures and local...    »
Ab initio methods Adsorption Catalysis Catalysts Crystal defects Density of states Doping Electron transfer Electronic structure Fluxional rearrangement Molecular beams Reaction mechanism Surface reaction Surface structure (fundamental aspects of catalysis on supported metal clusters) Oxides Role: CAT (Catalyst use), PRP (Properties), USES (Uses) (fundamental aspects of catalysis on supported metal clusters) Clusters (metal fundamental aspects of catalysis on supported metal clusters) review fun...    »
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CAN 140:381310 67-0 Catalysis, Reaction Kinetics, and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysi, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany. Journal; General Review 0959-9428 
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J. Mater. Chem. 
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