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Rank, E.; Borrmann, A.; Duester, A.; van Treeck, C.; Wenisch, P. 
Computational Steering: Towards advanced interactive high performance computing in engineering sciences 
Computational Science and Engineering faces a continuous increase of speed of computers and availability of very fast networks. Yet, it seems that some opportunities offered by these ongoing developments are only used to a fraction for numerical simulation. Moreover, despite new possibilities from computer visualization, virtual or augmented reality and collaboration models, most available engineering software still follows the classical way of a strict separation of preprocessing, computing and...    »
Computational steering, high-performance computing, interactive simulation, virtual reality, CFD 
Book / Congress title:
8th World Congress on Comp. Mech. (WCCM), 5th European Congr. on Comp. Meth. in Appl. Sci. and Eng. (ECCOMAS 2008), June 30 - July 5 
Publisher address:
Venice, Italy