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Kohn, Andreas; Maurer, Maik; Schmidt, Helena X.; Lindemann, Udo 
Use of existing ontologies as input for Structural Complexity Management - Reducing the effort for analysing and improving engineering systems 
This paper presents an approach for combining two actual trends in the engineering domain: ontology-based knowledge management and structural complexity management. A focussed engineering system can be analysed and possibilities for improvements can be deduced with low effort by applying structure based algorithms on already existing ontologies. An overview of the current use of ontologies in the engineering domain is given for showing the various options for this application of structural compl...    »
System modelling; System analysis; System improvement; Reuse of knowledge; Structural Complexity Management; Multiple Domain Matrix; Structure computation 
Book / Congress title:
KEOD 2011 - International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development 
Congress (additional information):
25. - 30.10.2011 
Congress city:
Paris, France 
WS 11-12