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Charitos, A.; Hawthorne, C.; Bidwe, A.R.; Sivalingam, S.; Schuster, A.; Spliethoff, H.; Scheffknecht, G. 
Parametric investigation of the calcium looping process for CO2 capture in a 10kWth dual fluidized bed 
Calcium looping (CaL) is a promising post-combustion CO2 capture technology which is carried out in a dual fluidized bed (DFB) system with continuous looping of CaO, the CO2 carrier, between two beds. The system consists of a carbonator, where flue gas CO2 is adsorbed by CaO and a regenerator, where captured CO2 is released. The CO2-rich regenerator flue gas can be sequestered after gas processing andcompression. A parametric study was conducted on the 10kWth DFB facility at the University of St...    »
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International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 
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