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Hefter, H; Kupsch, A; Müngersdorf, M; Paus, S; Stenner, A; Jost, W; Dysport Cervical Dystonia Study Group; Eing, H; Plewe, A; Patzner, B; Griese, H; Pott, M; Nebe, A; Winter, T; Wissel, J; Woldag, H; Raffauf, W; Tiel-Wilck, K; Garcia, AM; Gruber, D; Kempf, F; Krug, H; Lobsien, E; Leistner, S; Schenkel-Römer, A; Eue, S; Bonse, M; Nastos, I; Otto, O; Grehl, T; Tegenthoff, M; Ebke, M; Kunesch, E; Probst, T; Richter, M; Hermann, A; Wolz, M; Kahlen, U; Moll, M; Grüger, A; Feise, P; Kölmel, HW; Kottha...    »
A botulinum toxin A treatment algorithm for de novo management of torticollis and laterocollis. 
Few studies have investigated the injection patterns for botulinum toxin type A for the treatment of heterogeneous forms of cervical dystonia (CD). This large, prospective, open-label, multicentre study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of 500 U botulinum toxin A for the initial treatment according to a standardised algorithm of the two most frequent forms of CD, predominantly torticollis and laterocollis.Patients (aged>= 18 years) with CD not previously treated with botulinum neuro...    »
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BMJ Open 
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Neurologische Klinik und Poliklinik