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Technical Report 
Bernhard Schätz; Tobias Hain; Frank Houdek; Wolfgang Prenninger; Martin Rappl,Jan Romberg; Oscar Slotosch; Martin Strecker; Alexander Wisspeintner 
CASE Tools for Embedded Systems 
In this report, we show how eight different CASE tools for embedded systems can be used to develop the model of controller software for comfort electronic in the automotive domain. The applied tools are ARTiSAN RealTime Studio by Artisan Software, ASCET-SD by ETAS GmbH & Co.KG, AutoFOCUS by Technische Universität München, MATLAB/StateFlow by The MathWorks Inc., Rose RealTime by Rational, Rhapsody in MicroC by I-Logix Inc., Telelogic Tau G2 by Telelogic Inc., Trice Tool by Protos Software GmbH. With each tool, a model of a controller software module was developed, based on a given textual requirement specification. Each tool was applied by a group of three to four students; the students had no experience with the applied tool. After receiving an initial training in using the tool, the students were given three months to develop the model. The model of the controller software was developed in two steps (first step: simplified three axis seat control; second step: five axis seat control) to add the aspect of specification reuse. Finally, the application of the tool was assessed by each team using a common questionnaire. The report presents the results of these questionnaires in a detail, and summarizes them to give a state-of-the-art impression of CASE tools for embedded systems. Building on this summary, it sketches what properties are necessary to extend this state-of-the-art into a model-based development process. 
CASE; tool support; embedded systems; software; controller; design; implementation; model-based; development 
Jahr / Monat:
2003-07-01 00:00:00