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Pattaro, C; De Grandi, A; Vitart, V; Hayward, C; Franke, A; Aulchenko, YS; Johansson, A; Wild, SH; Melville, SA; Isaacs, A; Polasek, O; Ellinghaus, D; Kolcic, I; Nöthlings, U; Zgaga, L; Zemunik, T; Gnewuch, C; Schreiber, S; Campbell, S; Hastie, N; Boban, M; Meitinger, T; Oostra, BA; Riegler, P; Minelli, C; Wright, AF; Campbell, H; van Duijn, CM; Gyllensten, U; Wilson, JF; Krawczak, M; Rudan, I; Pramstaller, PP; EUROSPAN consortium 
A meta-analysis of genome-wide data from five European isolates reveals an association of COL22A1, SYT1, and GABRR2 with serum creatinine level. 
Serum creatinine (S CR) is the most important biomarker for a quick and non-invasive assessment of kidney function in population-based surveys. A substantial proportion of the inter-individual variability in S CR level is explicable by genetic factors.We performed a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of S CR undertaken in five population isolates ('discovery cohorts'), all of which are part of the European Special Population Network (EUROSPAN) project. Genes showing the strongest e...    »
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BMC Med Genet 
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Institut für Humangenetik