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Report / Forschungsbericht 
Wolf, C.; Stephan, A.; Kleinhans, U.; Aho, M.; Leino, T.; Engblom, N.; Waldmann, B.; McGhee, B.; Olivotto, S.; Coraggio, G.; Yrjas, P.; Bankiewicz, D. 
“Online corrosion monitoring for the combined combustion of coal and chlorine-rich biomasses in pulverised fuel and circulating fluidised bed systems” OnCord 
The OnCord project deals with the development of online corrosion sensors in pulverised (PF) and circulating fluidised bed (CFB) combustion systems in order to use high shares of critical low-grade fuels with coal. During the first half of the project one Columbian, one Russian and one South African coal were identified as suitable coals. One high chlorine straw, one solid residual fuel, one hay and one petcoke were chosen as the low-grade materials for the tests. All fuels have been ana...    »
Contracting organization:
European Commission Research Programme of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel 
TUM Institution:
Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme