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Kim, J.; Jentys, A.; Maier, S. M.; Lercher, J. A. 
Characterization of Fe-Exchanged BEA Zeolite Under NH3 Selective Catalytic Reduction Conditions 
Structural changes to Fe3+ cationic species in Fe-exchanged zeolite BEA during the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx with NH3 were probed by UV-vis spectroscopy. The distribution between Fe2+ and Fe3+ species was characterized by IR spectroscopy of adsorbed CO. Upon heating to 723 K, some of the Fe cations formed Fe-O-Fe bonds that underwent reversible structural transformation under NH3-SCR conditions. The in situ formed Fe oxide clusters could be dissociated to isolated Fe cations at...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 076BZ Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 42 Kim, Jeongnam Jentys, Andreas Maier, Sarah M. Lercher, Johannes A. Jentys, Andreas/D-4622-2009 Jentys, Andreas/0000-0001-5877-5042 Bayerisches Staatsministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst This project was funded by the Bayerisches Staatsministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst. The authors would like to thank Martin Neukamm for AAS measurements, Monica Pop for assistance in in situ UV-vis measurements,...    »
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Journal of Physical Chemistry C 
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