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Wu, M.; Miao, C. X.; Wang, S. F.; Hu, X. X.; Xia, C. G.; Kuhn, F. E.; Sun, W. 
Chiral Bioinspired Non-Heme Iron Complexes for Enantioselective Epoxidation of a,ss-Unsaturated Ketones 
Chiral bioinspired iron complexes of N4 ligands based on the ethylenediamine backbone display remarkable levels of enantioselectivity for the first time in the asymmetric epoxidation of a,beta-unsaturated ketones using hydrogen peroxide (up to 87 parts per thousand ee) or peracetic acid as oxidant, respectively. Notablely, isotopic labeling with H218O strongly demonstrated that there is a reversible water binding step prior to generation of the significant intermediate. Besides, the complex [L2F...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 849BF Times Cited: 17 Cited Reference Count: 72 Wu, Mei Miao, Cheng-Xia Wang, Shoufeng Hu, Xiaoxue Xia, Chungu Kuehn, Fritz E. Sun, Wei Kuhn, Fritz/A-3113-2010 Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Natural Science Foundation of China [20873166, 21073210] We are grateful for financial support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science Foundation of China (20873166 and 21073210). 17 Wiley-blackwell Malden 
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Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 
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